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High Precision, Low Dose Atomizer: 10,617,832


An adapter for delivering an atomized spray from a syringe. The adapter includes an adapter guide including a side wall, an interior surface of the side wall defining a through-bore and a shoulder in the through-bore. A pin guide is located in the through-bore. The pin guide includes a seat and a sleeve extending from the seat. A spring positioned around the pin guide sleeve and between the pin guide seat and the shoulder, wherein the spring and the sleeve provide a passageway there between. A pin extends from the pin guide seat and through the passageway. Affixing the adapter onto a syringe provides an atomizing delivery device. A method of dispensing an atomized spray from a syringe is provided by affixing the adapter to the syringe. 

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Barrett Wade Mangold; Terrence Francis Alger II; Albert M. Zwiener