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Dual-Fuel Diesel Engine with Cylinder Fueling Control of Gaseous Fueling at Less than Full Loads: 9,803,571


A method, used with dual-fuel engine, of controlling the amount of gaseous fuel delivered to the engine. At operating conditions that result in an equivalence ratio below a predetermined threshold (which typically occur at mid or part loads), it is determined whether better performance and/or lower emissions can be achieved by reducing gaseous fuel to some cylinders and increasing gaseous fuel to others. Typically, the gaseous fuel is reduced to zero to a number of cylinders and increased to others, with the increase resulting in an equivalence ratio that will provide improved emissions and efficiency and the desired engine output. 

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John C. Hedrick; David P. Branyon; Timothy J. Callahan; Jeremy D. Eubanks; Ryan C. Roecker; Garrett L. Anderson