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Magnetostrictive Probe with Mechanical and Fluid Coupling for Guided Wave Testing of Tubular Structures: 9,714,922


A probe for use in magnetostrictive testing of tubular structures. The probe has a handle and an outer tube, the latter having an expandable probe head for insertion into the tubular structure. A pair of magnetostrictive sensors is mounted in or on the probe head. A flexible bladder is located inside the outer tube in the area of the probe head, and communicates with a pressurizing cartridge in the probe handle via a bladder tube. The bladder is operable to expand, causing the probe head to expand, which moves the sensors toward the inner wall of the tubular structure. The probe is also equipped with a couplant injector that delivers coupling fluid to any gaps between the inner surface of the tubular structure and the outer surface of the probe.

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Sergey A. Vinogradov; Charles E. Duffer; Glenn M. Light