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Method of Estimating Blood Volume: 11,439,310


Disclosed are methods, materials and devices for approximation of blood volume in a fluid, and/or blood loss from fluid collected during a surgical procedure. Methods of detecting blood in a sample, such as a fluid sample, and kits for performing the methods, are also provided. Methods for approximating a volume of blood in a fluid using a computer are also provided. The method may be performed using a computer device having a graphical user interface (GUI), a processor configured to receive information input by a user at the user interface (type of canister, red blood cell packing ratio of the canister, subject specific identifying information, blood hematocrit (Hct), etc.), and a means for the computing device to transmit to the user interface via an electronic network, a value of a volume of blood in a fluid and/or an approximate volume measure of blood loss. The processor determines a volume of blood in a fluid, and transmits the determined volume measure of blood to the user.

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Christopher Carew; David Handley