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Process for Cutting with Coherent Abrasive Suspension Jets: 5,184,434


A process for the forming and use of a coherent abrasive suspension jet, which involves treating water with additives to give the water a high shear dependent viscosity or viscoelasticity, or a moderate yield value, and suspending fine, abrasive particles within the treated water. The suspension that is formed may be retained in a reservoir prior to use, and requires no agitation or stirring as a slurry solution would require. The suspension that is formed allows for the use of an abrasive jet nozzle that requires only a single supply conduit and requires no mixing chamber, collimating cone, or collimating tube, as conventional jets require. The coherent abrasive suspension jet medium allows for the use of much lower pressures, much finer orifices, and much simpler operations. The process overcomes many of the difficulties associated with the reduced velocities and increased jet diameters that are attained by conventional abrasive jets.

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Richard H. Hollinger; William D. Perry