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Production of Soluble Silicates From Biogenetic Silica: 5,833,940


Disclosed is a commercial grade of soluble silicate solutions, clear homogenous and water white essentially free of unreacted silica, made by dissolving in a closed container biogenetic silica, preferably rice hull ash, in a strong alkali solution, preferably sodium hydroxide in the presence of an agent, such as an active carbonaceous material, which prevents discoloration of the soluble silicates by absorbing and/or reacting with polyvalent metals, organic materials, and the like, in the biogenetic silica as it dissolves in and reacts with the alkali solution. The invention takes advantage of the residue of such active carbonaceous material on the biogenetic silica, such as rice hulls, left by commercial energy burning thereof which effectively prevents discoloration. A solid residue results from the method which is an active carbonaceous material including concentrated manganese from the biogenetic silica, both of which are valuable commercial products.

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William A. Mallow; Roy S. Reiber; Jesse R. Conner