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In-Situ Formation of Soluble Silicates From Biogenetic Silica In Chemical Fixation/Solidification Treatment of Wastes: 5,078,795


Disclosed is the solidification and chemical fixation of wastes using biogenetic primarily amorphous silica to the waste at ambient temperature and pressure in the presence of a strong alkali and sufficient water in the waste which converts the biogenetic silica into a soluble silicate and sufficient water to form the soluble silicate, and in the presence of a polyvalent metal ion in the waste which reacts with the formed soluble silicate to provide a cementitious product of the waste. In the event there is insufficient strong alkali or water present in the waste to convert the biogenetic amorphous silica to a soluble silicate, and insufficient polyvalent metal ion in the waste to harden and form a cementitious product, amounts of these components as necessary can be added along with the biogenetic silica to the waste. The resulting cementitious and chemically fixed waste can be left in place, for example to provide a land farm, or can be removed and broken up and used as a cover for land fills, various land applications, and farms, as well as other applications.

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J. Conner; William A. Mallow; R. S. Rieber; Harry West