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Spiral Wrapped Cylindrical Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Methods of Making Same: 6,063,517


A pre-spiral bundle for making a spiral wrapped cylindrical fuel cell and cylindrical fuel cells made using the pre-spiral bundle.
The pre-spiral bundle comprises a sleeve defining a hydrogen flowpath. The sleeve comprises a proton exchange membrane
encapsulating a substantially planar anode in ionic communication with a catalytically effective amount of a noble metal catalyst.
A first hydrogen inlet comprises a first edge of the sleeve and a second hydrogen inlet comprises an opposed, substantially
parallel edge of the sleeve. The hydrogen flowpath is defined by the anode. A cylindrical fuel cell is made by abutting a flexible,
porous cathode to the sleeve in ionic communication with a noble metal catalyst and wrapping the sleeve and the cathode
around one of the hydrogen inlets.

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Alan Montemayor; Edward A. Bass; Michael Stewart; Narasi Sridhar