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SwRI to feature groundwater-modeling technology at Texas Groundwater Summit

August 29, 2022 — Southwest Research Institute will give presentations detailing its extensive capabilities in groundwater resource management and technology at the Texas Groundwater Summit in San Antonio, August 30-September 1.

“So many people in Texas rely on groundwater to meet their water needs. Sustainable groundwater management is the future of Texas water, especially with increasing demands on these resources and possible changes in climate and weather patterns expected to occur in the near future,” said SwRI Research Scientist Rebecca Nunu. “We must ensure the viability of these resources for generations to come and we can only do so if we understand the science and communicate that to water resource managers and policy makers.”

Nearly a third of the planet’s population relies on groundwater as its primary water supply. Because of global population growth and economic development, groundwater and surface water resources are coming under increasing stress in terms of quantity and quality.

The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts holds the Texas Groundwater Summit annually. The three-day event brings together groundwater professionals in the public and private sectors to discuss emerging trends and new research. Over 350 groundwater industry leaders are expected to attend this year.

On day two of the summit, SwRI Lead Scientist Dr. Dimitrios Stampoulis will discuss how modeling a fusion of hydrologic simulations and satellite observations can improve estimates of depth changes in the water table. The session will outline how implementing a four-layer version of the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC-4L) hydrologic model across the state of Texas could improve understanding of the whole system. This innovative approach would provide a comprehensive view of water resources, which would be particularly valuable to authorities in water-stressed regions of Texas. The valuable, high-resolution data provide a more reliable estimation of fluctuations in groundwater levels, which are vital to long-term management of these resources for the future.

SwRI will host a booth where Institute scientists will share information about the groundwater resource management and technology services the Institute offers, including implementing tools such as remote sensing, numerical modeling, and geochemical analyses to better characterize and understand hydrologic systems.

“SwRI is expanding its capabilities and capacity to support the objectives of sustainable groundwater management for water resource managers in Texas,” Nunu said.

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