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SwRI offers introductory microencapsulation workshop

September 16, 2019 — Southwest Research Institute is offering an “Introduction to Microencapsulation Workshop” October 7–8 at its headquarters in San Antonio. The workshop provides a broad overview of current techniques and innovations in micro- and nanoencapsulation for both technical and non-technical participants including scientists, engineers, and business professionals.

Encapsulation is the process of coating materials that have specific properties for use in, for example, fortifying cereal and other foods or delivering timed-release pharmaceuticals. The size of the capsules varies depending on the application, with microcapsules ranging in size from 1 µm to 2 mm and nanocapsules 10–1,000 nm.

“We designed this general course to broadly cover all industries that use, or could use, microencapsulation,” said Dr. James Oxley, a staff scientist in SwRI’s Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering Department. “Microencapsulation offers significant solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, beverage, food, cosmetic, consumer product, paint and coating, agriculture, oil and gas, and many other industries. This workshop will provide insights into current industry practices and advances in the field, as well as challenges that SwRI scientists can help overcome.”

Topics include an overview of microencapsulation and the techniques used by various industries. Attendees will see a process demonstration and tour SwRI’s world-class microencapsulation laboratories and its state-of-the-art equipment.

SwRI is a pioneer in the field with more than 70 years of encapsulation technology experience. The cost to attend is $950 and space is limited. Registration includes course instruction, training materials, tours, lunch and demonstrations. To learn more about this course, visit Introduction to Microencapsulation.

For more information, visit Microencapsulation or contact Tracey M.S. Whelan+1 210 522 2256, Communications Department, Southwest Research Institute, 6220 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78238-5166.