Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Staff Technician: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS: Individuals should have in-depth knowledge of scientific, technical, and other principals, practices, and procedures that are common to their field of specialty. They should remain aware of changes in technology and the application thereof; be able to assist in the development of new or advanced testing systems; communicate effectively verbally and in writing with clients, peers, and management and supervisors. A high school or equivalent education and a combination of 10-15 years of continuing education or trade school and/or related experience. Possess in-depth skills and expertise in a specialty field and provides key support to scientific and engineering and project personnel. Performs independent tasks with minimum supervision. Supervise and train subordinate staff, communicate effectively verbally and in writing with clients, peers, management and supervisors.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Works on limited segments, components, or parts of development projects. Interacts with senior staff and clients in discussion of current tests or future activities. Provides input to technical reports, proposals, and procedures. Consults with scientists, engineers, and other senior-level staff in technical field of specialization. Innovates new techniques, procedures, and designs for particular tests or systems within area of specialization. Controls the quality of fabrication and design work of subordinate staff within field of specialization.