Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Technician: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbent should have knowledge of tasks associated with the technical work area; technical jargon; specialized equipment; use of hand-held calculator; application of mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages; use of PC to generate reports and to store and retrieve data; inventory maintenance, and ordering procedures. Must be able to read and follow schematics; equipment manuals; blueprints and drawings; and sample preparation and testing procedures peculiar to the field of effort. The technician should also demonstrate the ability to follow verbal and written instructions. For new employees, a high school or equivalent education and a combination of one to five years continuing education, or trade school and/or related experience is required. An Associate's Degree may be required for some positions at this level.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Sets up experimental apparatus following written or verbal instructions or graphic representations of desired testing environment; prepares samples, specimens, and test materials following defined procedures. Conducts and observes standardized tests following test parameters and, as required, obtains and records data or ensures data has been captured by an automated system. Troubleshoots problems encountered with test equipment or other items associated with conducting tests in field of specialization. Conducts routine maintenance on equipment, vehicles, etc. following established schedules and procedures. Fabricates equipment and testing apparatus components following blueprints, engineering schematics, equipment manuals, handwritten or drawn notes, and performs simple design tasks as directed by supervisor. Engages in safe work practices and advises supervisor on improvements to test equipment fabrication, installation, and operation to ensure a safe laboratory operation.