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Radiological & Environmental Services

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) draws upon its deep technical resources and years of expertise to provide trusted radiological and environmental services for those affected by radiological and nuclear power applications. In addition to analytical services, we provide expertise in regulatory compliance and stakeholder engagement services to help navigate environmental and regulatory challenges related to nuclear energy and radioactive contamination.

  • Independent and unbiased analyses by a non-profit research institution
  • Extensive experience in regulatory compliance
  • Trusted, certified laboratory and field analyses

Environmental & Regulatory Solutions

SwRI offers a spectrum of environmental and regulatory expertise across the nuclear fuel cycle and for radiologically contaminated sites. Our services support a diverse client base to assess and analyze radiological risk associated with mining, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive materials.

Environmental, Safety, & Risk Assessments 

Radiochemistry & Inorganics Analysis 

SwRI’s ISO 17025-certified laboratories provide analysis of radionuclides and other environmental contaminants in water, soil, air, flora, fauna, and other media. It is our goal to provide analytical and general chemistry support at the highest level of fidelity. If you need high-quality targeted and non-targeted analyses of materials, including those with potential radioactive contamination, we are here to assist you.

Hydrologic & Geologic Modeling 

Our Earth Science section conducts a variety of projects regarding hydrologic and geologic resources, including those that may be impacted by radiological activity. Our scientists can help assess current and future risk to surface and ground water resources with analysis of water samples or complex groundwater modeling studies.

Public Outreach Services 

We help communicate effectively with stakeholders on difficult, technically advanced topics. Let us help you develop and execute efficient and successful communication plans. Our comprehensive services include facilitating large public meetings, responding to public comments, small group workshops, staff training, and development of educational materials.

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