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Automotive Corrosion Symposium

Mar 31, 2022 to Apr 01, 2022
Detroit, MI, United States
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About the Symposium

Corrosion is a concern within the automotive industry, not only in the form of cosmetic corrosion resistance from a consumer aesthetics perspective, but also for its potential to affect functionality, reliability, and the safety of road vehicles. This concern is heightened in light of increasingly stringent emission standards that are driving the industry toward high strength lighter weight materials with significantly different corrosion properties and the potential for mixed metal interactions. 

The Automotive Corrosion Symposium seeks to draw industry experts from automotive OEMs, material suppliers, paint suppliers and Tier 1 suppliers to foster communication within the automotive industry and address industry wide corrosion issues.


Mar. 31 – Alan Taub, University of Michigan, Professor and Director, Michigan Materials Research Institute (MMRI)
Professor Taub holds joint faculty positions in Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and serves as the Director of the Michigan Materials Research Institute (MMRI). He also currently serves as a senior technical advisor to the Lightweight Innovation for Tomorrow (LIFT) program and is a past Vice President of GM Global Research and Development.

Apr. 1 – Mike Ostermiller, Senior Manager, GM
Mr. Ostermiller serves as GM's Senior Manager of Corrosion Engineering and Compliance as well as the Corrosion, Materials Engineering, and Fastening Laboratories. He has served as a past chairman of the Detroit Chapter of AMPP (formally NACE International) and of the Auto Steel Partnership/SAE Automotive Corrosion and Prevention Task Force.

Organization Committee

The Symposium is organized by industry professionals addressing automotive corrosion from a variety of technical perspectives. Our committee members are:

  • Niamh Hosking, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company, Lead: Coatings, Corrosion, and Surface Engineering/Vehicle Research and Technology
  • Mark Yergin, General Motors, GSSLT Lead and Engineering Group Manager: GMNA Corrosion Engineering
  • Wenping Zhang, Ph.D., Arconic, Technical Specialist, Surface and Corrosion
  • Sean Fowler, Q-Lab, Senior Technical Director: Weathering and Corrosion
  • Brian Okerberg, Ph.D., PPG, Research Associate I: Electrocoat & Pretreatment Capabilities
  • James Dante, Southwest Research Institute, Staff Engineer: Mechanics and Materials


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