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SwRI to discuss connected vehicle data exchanges, AI tools at 2024 ITS America Conference & Expo

April 23, 2024 — During this week’s ITS America Conference & Expo, Southwest Research Institute will share its latest intelligent transportation systems (ITS) research designed to integrate connected vehicle data exchanges and artificial intelligence into public transportation infrastructure.

“SwRI’s ITS solutions are designed to improve safety for the traveling public using software that helps transportation agencies operate more efficiently,” said Josh Johnson, executive director of SwRI’s ITS Department. “As industry develops more complex technology for vehicles and roadways, SwRI is proud to offer reliable solutions that leverage big data and connectivity for improved safety and lower emissions.”

The event, April 22-25 at the Phoenix Convention Center, brings together decision makers, industry leaders and transportation agencies to learn about the implementation of new technologies. Visit booth No. 1241 to learn about the SwRI-developed ActiveITS™ ATMS software used in 15 states and territories. SwRI staff will also share information on integrated corridor management, machine vision and cybersecurity solutions.

“ActiveITS is trusted by DOTs across the country, representing more than 20 percent of the U.S. population,” said Amit Misra, director of SwRI’s ITS Department. “It’s a mature, stable and standards-based platform that supports clients’ current needs while also providing an extensive decision support system, ramp metering, truck parking, and connected vehicle integration. ActiveITS supports over 60 different data feed and device protocols, easily integrating with existing field equipment.”

SwRI staff will also demonstrate a new transportation data exchange platform. ActiveDX™ improves road safety and efficiency by sharing real-time driving conditions, allowing transportation agencies to alert drivers and traffic managers to improve routing, road closures and emergency responses. ActiveDX effectively manages high-volume and high-velocity data from various connected vehicle data sources to enhance safety and mobility on state highways. SwRI leads the development of ActiveDX for the Florida Department of Transportation, which authorized SwRI to sublicense the platform to other government agencies.

“We are excited to make this new data exchange platform available to our clients who can now participate in our innovation ecosystem,” Misra said. “SwRI’s ITS solutions enable clients to share the cost of software development with other states while also sharing knowledge and features with other agencies.”

SwRI staff will also participate in panels and share research about:

Integrated Corridor Management — Clay Weston, assistant director of SwRI’s ITS Department, will participate in an April 23 panel discussing the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based decision support system, which aims to maximize the efficiency of the I-24 SMART Corridor in the Nashville area.

Connected & Automated Vehicles — Dr. Steve Dellenback, vice president of SwRI’s Intelligent Systems Division, and Mike Brown, Institute engineer, will participate in an April 24 panel discussion about using telematics data and CAV technology to improve traffic fuel economy.

SwRI’s Intelligent Systems Division is a leader in development of software, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics and systems engineering solutions.

For more information, visit or or contact Robert Crowe, +1 210 522 4630, Communications Department, Southwest Research Institute, 6220 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78238-5166.