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Human Performance Solutions

SwRI's Human Performance Initiative (HPI) applies a multidisciplinary scientific and engineering approach to better understand and quantify the complex biomechanical and physiological components of physical performance. Our scientists and engineers represent diverse technical backgrounds that include: biomechanics, computer science, machine learning, systems engineering, sensor fusion, biomedical engineering, physics, statistics, and applied mathematics. With our broad technical expertise, our approach to the technological challenges associated with human performance allows us to seek sports science solutions that are not bound to a particular technical discipline. This holistic approach provides our clients with unique solutions that are specific to their needs.

Technology Solutions

Markerless Motion Capture

We are advancing motion capture technology by developing software and sensor solutions that enable precise, 3-D capture of biomechanical movement. We combine expertise in neural networks, sensor fusion, and biomechanics to deliver markerless motion capture solutions for clients in biomedicine, sports science, and animation.

Health Diagnostics Machine Learning

We are developing AI solutions for biomedical and health applications. Computer algorithms can be trained to tackle a range of problems. We are combining the knowledge of experts with our algorithms to aid in health diagnostics, improving medical imaging and disease detection. Learn more here:

Multiscale Human Performance Modeling & Simulation

Building upon more than 30 years of advanced physics-based modeling and simulation of complex, high-value systems for the military and commercial industries, our team constructs high fidelity, accurate models of the human body. We develop strategies to understand and predict the risk of injury, optimize rehabilitation, and develop innovative products.

Data Analytics, Presentation & Decision Support Toolset

Data analysis is vital to successful evaluation of human performance, especially in sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and athletic training. With so many factors affecting performance, advanced analytical methods, visualization, and presentation help to isolate key data points. We have developed advanced tools and techniques to help analyze and present data that informs decisions.

Wearable Sensor Systems Integration

With decades of expertise in sensor systems integration, we help advance wearable technology for clients in the consumer, defense, industrial, and medical sectors. Our multidisciplinary technical expertise enables development of wearables that integrate chemical sensors, optical sensors, inertial measurement units (IMUs), and temperature sensors, among others.

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