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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is concerned about the privacy of our visitors and the confidentiality of any information they provide. We collect personal data from our web site, such as a user’s full name, email address, phone number, device ID, and cookie and network identifiers.

We also review and store emails sent to SwRI staff members through the web site to measure the site’s effectiveness, improve its content and monitor business interactions. We do not buy, sell, rent or trade mailing lists of visitors to this site. SwRI complies with the law, and emails and other data may be turned over in compliance with the law.

SwRI collects personal data when you email through our site, subscribe to​ Technology Today, join a consortium or register for a course, workshop, conference or other event as well as when we collect data from third parties or publicly available sources. 

For comments or questions regarding our internet privacy policy or related issues, contact SwRI Solutions for comments or questions regarding our internet privacy policy and related issues.

Data and Communications

SwRI uses third-party customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics tools that record data (including name, e-mail, phone number, IP address, cookies, etc.) when someone contacts us through the website.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to have a legal reason, or lawful basis, to use someone’s data. We use this data to respond to inquiries sent through the website and to follow up with these contacts about future promotions. The data helps us manage contact information and improve content and user experience. Anyone who receives communications from us can opt out at any time.

Under the GDPR, EU citizens can request a copy of their data or request that we delete their data. Contact Us for questions or to opt in or out of SwRI communications.

Cookie Policy

SwRI and our service providers track cookies, pixel tags and other digital markers on the website. A cookie is a very small piece of information in the form of a text file placed on your computer. A pixel tag is a small image file that tells us you have visited our pages. These digital tools help us and our service providers track the effectiveness of our site and promotional campaigns.

We use cookies to create aggregated statistics on visitors to our websites and to measure their browsing behavior. This information helps us understand what portions of our website are relevant to visitors and helps suggests areas for improvements. The website also uses web analytics tools provided by third-party service providers.

Visitors to SwRI’s website may set their internet browser to reject or delete cookies. Check your browser preferences for information on how to disable cookies.

SwRI Copyright Notice

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All materials appearing on the SwRI website or related file servers may not be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system without prior written permission of the Institute, except for attributed noncommercial educational purposes. Material available through this site may not be used for any commercial purposes without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Legal Notice

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