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Fundamentals of Turbomachinery Failure Analysis

Dec 05, 2023 to Dec 06, 2023
San Antonio, TX, United States
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SwRI’s Fundamentals of Turbomachinery Failure Analysis will discuss the basics of the types of analyses that should be performed when investigating root cause of failures. The goal of failure analysis is to understand what causes the failure and how to avoid recurrences. The course will be focused on the investigation of blade fatigue failures in gas turbines and compressors. However, the root cause failure analysis (RCFA) process can be applied to other types of turbomachinery and failure mechanisms as well. Topics that will be discussed include the tools available to operators and when and how to use them. Forensic investigation, metallurgical examination, dynamic analysis, blade dynamics and performance assessment will all be discussed in detail. The short course cost is $750 USD per registrant. 

For more information, please contact Justin Hollingsworth.