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Waste Management Symposia

Mar 06, 2022 to Mar 10, 2022
Phoenix, AZ, United States
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SwRI will be exhibiting at the annual Waste Management Symposia, booth no. 623.

Join us for an insightful panel session.

Wednesday, March 9
8:00 – 9:40 a.m., Room 105C, Roundtable  083A
“The Future of Nuclear Air Cleaning at DOE Sites (R9.7), “Osvaldo Pensado

This Panel/Roundtable will discuss the advancement of HEPA filters at the DOE Sites. Panelists will discuss the recent Southwest Research Institute analysis on the need for independent testing of HEPA filters used at DOE sites, the cooperative agreement with Mississippi State University, current research and development efforts and implications for DOE sites, recent changes to handbooks and standards regarding HEPA filters, integration of DOE guidance into existing industry consensus codes and standards (such as ASME AG-1), and DOE Program office insights on challenges and lessons learned associated with HEPA filters.

For more information, contact David Pickett.