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Waste Management Symposia

Feb 26, 2023 to Mar 02, 2023
Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Do you need an independent, unbiased source to help navigate radioactive waste management complexities?

SwRI will help you find solutions to your most difficult technical challenges. Stop by our booth to learn more.

Why are we a go-to source? Because SwRI offers more than 35 years of experience providing regulatory and analytical support to government, international, and private organizations around the globe.

We use our extensive expertise in nuclear regulation, earth and environmental sciences and engineering, and stakeholder engagement to assist clients with their most pressing challenges. Our projects span nuclear power plants, transportation of radioactive materials, storage and disposal of radioactive waste, environmental reviews, hazard and risk assessments, and safety evaluations of nuclear fuel-cycle facilities, as well as decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

SwRI’s multidisciplinary teams and outstanding facilities provide innovative solutions for our clients’ challenges.

SwRI will be exhibiting at the annual Waste Management Symposia, booth no. 623.

Please also join us for the following:


Monday, February 27

1:50 p.m. – 3:10 p.m., Room 102A
Track 8, Communication, Education, and Training of Technical and Management Issues and Impacts

“Stakeholder Involvement in Consolidated ISF Storage and Transportation Initiatives,” roundtable hosted by Miriam Juckett

Thursday, March 2

9:50 a.m. – 11:35 a.m., Room 101C
Track 5, Packaging and Transportation

“Preparedness and Planning Decision Framework for Communities Along Potential Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Routes,” Miriam Juckett

SwRI has developed an Excel-based pilot scalable decision framework that provides a consistent, organized, and informed process to assist state and local decision-makers as they consider effective resource allocation and develop communication approaches prior to a potential SNF transportation campaign. The goal of this decision framework is to incorporate information from appropriate societal and environmental indicators that reflect a community’s preparedness and highlight potential community vulnerabilities. This paper and presentation focus on the pilot framework tool concepts, functionality, and intended applications.

For more information, contact David Pickett.