Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Executive Management

Executive Officers

Mr. Adam L. Hamilton, P.E.
President and CEO

Mr. Walter D. Downing, P.E.
Executive Vice President and COO

Ms. Beth Ann Rafferty, CPA
Vice President — Finance
Institute Secretary

Ms. Delia Aguilar, CPA
Assistant Corporate Secretary

Ms. Mónica R. Trollinger, JD, MBA
General Counsel
General Counsel’s Office


Senior Vice President

Dr. James L. Burch
Space Sector


Vice Presidents

Dr. James L. Burch
Space Science

Dr. Robin Canup
Solar System Science

Dr. Steven W. Dellenback, PMP
Intelligent Systems

Mr. Paul Easley
Facilities & General Services

Mr. James R. Keys, Jr.
Applied Power

Mr. Tony Magaro
Human Resources

Mr. Steven D. Marty, P.E.
Fuels & Lubricants Research

Dr. Joseph McDonough
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Mr. Michael McLelland
Space Systems

Mr. Jose E. Navarro
Applied Physics

Mr. C. Nils Smith, P.E.
Defense & Intelligence Solutions

Mr. Daniel W. Stewart, P.E.
Powertrain Engineering

Dr. Ben Thacker, P.E.
Mechanical Engineering