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Erosion Testing

SwRI has a long track record of performing erosion research and testing projects. We have a well-established sand control screen erosion program that originated in the late 1990s. Two slurry test rigs are available for testing coupon samples of sand control screens and a large-scale flow loop allow for testing full-size screen assemblies. These coupon tests allow for systematic testing of screen designs, base pipe designs, installation conditions such as gravel packs, and operating conditions. This work has led to the development of new and improved products and operating procedures that have enhanced production reliability.

SwRI also provides unique expertise and capabilities for conducting customized testing in liquid-solids and gas-solids systems. Customized flow loops or facility modifications can be designed and implemented for meeting specific testing needs. Some of the testing services offered in this area include:

  • Sand Control Screen Erosion Rate Measurement
  • Analysis of Wire-Wrap Screen Gap Size
  • Downhole Tool Erosion Testing
  • Large-Scale ICD and Sand Control Screens Erosion Testing
  • Electro Submersible Pump (ESP) Erosion Testing
  • Flow Meter Erosion Testing
  • Gravel Packing and Plugging Testing
  • Effect of Particle Size/Concentration, Liquid Viscosity, Material Type, and Impingement Angle on Erosion Rate
erosive flow facility with tour markers overlayed
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In addition to erosion testing, SwRI has developed a new erosion model that utilizes the results from CFD simulations to predict material loss. This model has been experimentally validated to be more accurate than other models. This capability is especially useful during the design of products, where an understanding of erosion behavior is critical between design iterations and in applications where testing is unfeasible. For details on SwRI's erosion model, please refer to paper IPC2016-64064 from the 2016 11th International Pipeline Conference.

For more information about erosion testing, please contact Jessica Brysch, at +1 210 522 2807.