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Phase Separation Equipment Evaluation

Phase separation is an essential part of every process operation in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors. Our separation program is mostly geared towards upstream operations with some applications on the midstream and downstream sectors. It focuses on applied research and equipment qualification testing. The majority of the work we conduct in this area involves the use of hydrocarbon fluids at high-pressure conditions. Custom solutions are often utilized to investigate early stage or prototype technologies at low-pressure conditions with hydrocarbon or air/water fluids prior to investing in high-pressure applications. Examples of separation projects we have conducted over the years (since 1993) include the following:

  • Separator Performance Evaluation (gas/liquid, liquid/liquid, solid/liquid)
  • Gas Scrubber High-Pressure Performance Testing
  • Compact Gas/Liquid Separation Technology Qualification
  • Evaluation of Separation Internals
  • Gas Dehydration/Contactor Testing
  • Experimental Evaluation of Slug Catcher Designs
  • Effect of Chemicals (e.g., MEG) on Separator Performance

In addition to conducting independent separation projects, SwRI currently manages a Joint Industry Project (JIP) on separation, the Separation Technology Research (STAR) Program. The STAR Program was initiated for conducting research, conducting systematic testing, and enabling qualification of separation equipment. To find out more about the STAR Program please visit the website at

For more information about phase separation equipment evaluation, please contact Steven Green at +1 210 522 3519.