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Gas & Diesel Engine Application Software

The Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) Ann Arbor Technical Center (AATC) offers engine control software to accelerate your open ECU development project. SwRI has integrated experience from years of engine R&D programs that all require similar underlying control features. These algorithms are available to run on any Simulink® compatible control

The Simulink source code is provided with no black boxes so your team can modify the code directly, or with SwRI’s support. The software is intended for engineering research and development programs.

AATC’s engineers are available to ensure your project timing goals are met by working on-site at your facility to configure the software to match your specific I/O and control system hardware and get your engine running as quickly as possible. SwRI can also help develop initial calibration data using its Rapid Prototyping Electronic Control System (RPECS™) technology to benchmark production calibrations.


SwRI’s local Michigan engineers provide a temporary assist to get your test cell up and running -producing the data you need months sooner than developing code from scratch.


  • GDI and common rail fuel pressure
  • Cam phase
  • Spark ignition timing and dwell
  • Injection timing and duration/quantity
  • Lambda (switcher and wide-band)
  • Speed density, MAF, α-n
  • Electronic throttle
  • Common rail pressure
  • Boost (VGT/waste-gate)
  • Stopped/cranking/running – state machine3
  • Emergency stop
  • Input filters
  • Keyboard overrides
  • Limits on outputs
  • Flexible PID compensator
  • Speed/load tables

1Standard (hardware agnostic) Simulink source code is delivered to the client
2Partial list of features already running on engines
3Does NOT require StateFlow™


MATLAB®/Simulink source code1 integrates SwRI’s engine control know-how.