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Autonomous Vehicle Research & Testing

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Driverless vehicles, also known as automated or autonomous vehicles (AVs), come in all shapes and sizes. They rely on artificial intelligence to perceive dynamic roadway environments and maintain control while reacting to objects as they navigate to a destination. Autonomous vehicle capabilities are evolving as academia and industry improve the integration of artificial intelligence into embedded systems and transportation infrastructure.

Southwest Research Institute develops a broad spectrum of automated driving systems with autonomy solutions for motor vehicles designed to traverse urban roadways, off-road environments and military battlefields. Our scientists and engineers draw on multidisciplinary expertise spanning Intelligent Systems, Automotive Engineering and other Technical Disciplines spanning deep sea to deep space.

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Innovation Meets Safety & Security at SwRI

SwRI offers research and testing of automated driving systems (ADS), advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and AV-enabling technologies that benefit government, industry and the public through innovation, safety and security.

  • Research that helps clients reach advanced levels of autonomy.
  • Testing that helps the public gain confidence and trust in technology.
  • Collaboration that promotes safety and security standards for industry.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Our autonomous vehicle testing promotes innovation with a focus on development of safe, secure and reliable technologies

Software-in-the-Loop – Contact us to develop a custom software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing solution, modeling and simulation or digital twin technology.

Autonomous vehicle simulation creates virtual scenes based on real-world, off-road locations for software-in-the-loop testing.

Hardware-in-the-Loop – HIL testing for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and military unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) supporting ADAS research with test tracks, off-road environments and a closed-campus shuttle. We offer a fleet of ADAS-enabled vehicles for research and testing of light-duty, heavy-duty, passenger, agriculture, military and recreational applications.

Automate shuttle for ADAS Testing

Autonomous Vehicle Research

Our AV research and development services focus on innovation and collaboration for our clients in government and industry. Our expertise spans software development and hardware integration to leverage artificial intelligence, software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, drive-by-wire, cameras and sensing systems.

Autonomous Vehicle Cyber Security – Our cyber security for AVs includes services that secure data over the air, within embedded systems and across vehicle-to-everything networks.