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Advanced Electronic Warfare Solutions

Advanced Electronic Warfare Solutions 

Keeping pace with technological change is imperative for modern warfighters. Southwest Research Institute develops advanced electronic warfare (EW) systems that sustain legacy technologies and integrate state-of-the-art capabilities for air and ground applications. Prepare for the next generation of advanced electronic warfare through our applied research and development for military and defense.

SwRI constantly pushes the envelope on EW technology by funding internal research into highly advanced EW systems, including R&D 100 Award-winning antennas, in-flight machine learning algorithms, wideband-staring digital receivers, advanced digital radio frequency (DRFM) capability, and advanced signal processing.

Advanced Electronic Warfare Test & Evaluation 

SwRI researchers are working with U.S. military clients to develop closed-loop direct injection test and evaluation environments with fully programmable multi-function radars and ultra-wideband, dense spectrum generation for EA/ES/ES/SIGINT. Our tools include:

  • SPARTA Electronic Warfare Advanced Test System – Tackle congested environments, verify performance of single and multiple false target electronic countermeasure (ECW) systems with intuitive, high-fidelity automated test solutions.
  • Sustainment Services – Implement SOSA and improve DFRM technical insertions.
  • ATHENA - Rapidly extract signals of interest for RWR and ELINT applications with SOSA-aligned receivers, even in heavily congested environments.
  • Multi-function RF Operations – Scale and reconfigure hardware-agnostic airborne payloads to support SIGINT, EW, and RF-enabled cybersecurity operations in a software system.


Ultra-wideband Receiver for EW Testing
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