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Material Flammability

The SwRI Fire Technology Department has a Material Flammability group that performs tests to evaluate the ignition, flame spread, heat release rate, smoke production rate and toxic potency characteristics of materials and assemblies. Many of the tests are conducted according to domestic or international standard procedures, and involve small to intermediate-scale specimens. Standard tests are often supplemented with additional instrumentation, or, if necessary, completely new custom-designed procedures are developed to fulfill specific client needs. SwRI’s Materials Flammability group provides tests, data for computer fire model input and evaluation. Experimental support is also provided to the Listing, Labeling, and Follow-Up Inspection Services in the form of testing services for quality assurance of products and materials.

For questions about this testing, please contact Matt Blais at +1 210 522 3524.

Material Flammability Technical Strengths

  • Small-scale calorimetry and combustibility (ASTM E1354, ASTM E136, ASTM D1929)
    Gene Horton
  • Consumer products
    Karen Carpenter
  • Marine products (IMO fire test procedures, fire restricting materials testing)
    Gene Horton and Natasha Albracht
  • Flame Spread (ASTM E84 tunnel and various small-scale flammability and crawl space tests)
    Gene Horton
  • Roofing and claddings (ASTM E108 fire and UL 2218 hail drop tests of roofs)
    Natasha Albracht
  • Combustibility, smoke, and toxicity (ASTM E662, BSS 7239, FTIR analysis of effluents from various fire tests)
    Gene Horton and Natasha Albracht
  • Vapor cloud explosions
    Alexandra Joyce
  • PPE Thermal Barrier Molten Metal and Arc Welding Cutting
    Gene Horton