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Particle Science

Measuring and characterizing fine, ultrafine, and nanoparticle emissions from engines is part of our pioneering work in automotive emission research to meet present and future standards. We assess total particulate emissions and characterize particle size and number for traditional diesel and gasoline engines, GDI, hand-held engine technology, and alternative-fuel engines including natural gas, propane, and biofuels.

Our staff have a broad range of capabilities for understanding and measuring exhaust particulate mass, number and size distributions in ranges of fine (< 2,500 nm or 2.5 μm), ultrafine (< 100 nm, 0.1 μm), and nanoparticles (< 50 nm, 0.05 μm). We perform both filter-based measurement of total particulate mass emissions conforming to the latest USCFR Part 1065 particulate mass and EU solid particle number sampling protocols. We also use a suite of particle measurement instruments to cover a wide range of particle diameters from 3 to 18,000 nm.