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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
11,923,607 03/05/2024 Microwave transition device for transitions from air-filled waveguide to solid waveguide with radiating aperture antenna

Brad D. Moore; Yilun Luo

11,912,971 02/27/2024 Three-Dimensional Bioreactor

Jian Ling; Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Michael Joseph Rubal

11,905,882 02/20/2024 Apparatus and Method for Liquid Air Energy

Timothy Allison; Own M. Pryor; William M. Conlon

11,901,759 02/13/2024 Development of Fast Charge Profiles for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Bapiraju Surampudi; Shuvodeep Bhattacharjya; Kevin Jones

11,892,361 02/06/2024 Device and method to measure temperature during tribological examination of materials

Carlos Sanchez; Michael Moneer; Peter Lee

11,821,682 11/21/2023 Natural Gas Processing Using Supercritical Fluid Power Cycles

Griffin C. Beck; David L. Ransom; Kevin M. Hoopes

11,807,021 11/07/2023 Fluorescent Printing on Fabric for Use as Control Input to Automated Positioning Equipment

Stephen Wiedmann; Victoria Wahlen; Branson Brockschmidt

11,802,496 10/31/2023 Direct-Fired Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle that Generates Power and Hydrogen

Grant O. Musgrove; Brian Connolly

11,799,414 10/24/2023 Passively Deployable Solar Panel Array with Truss Backing

Toby J. Harvey; Thomas J. Harvey; Thomas J. Rose; Randy J. Rose

11,788,521 10/17/2023 Centrifugal Compressor with Piston Intensifier

Timothy Charles Allison