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Composition and Process for Manufacture of a High Temperature Carbon-Dioxide Separation Membrane: 8,454,732


A membrane composition and process for its formation are disclosed from the removal of carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) from mixed gases, such as flue gases of energy production facilities. The membrane includes a substrate layer comprising inorganic oxides, a barrier layer of in-situ formed Li.sub.2ZrO.sub.3, a Li.sub.2ZrO.sub.3 sorbent layer and an inorganic oxide cap layer. The membrane has a feed side for introduction of mixed gases containing nitrogen (N.sub.2) and a sweep side for recovery of CO.sub.2 wherein the membrane has a relatively high selectivity for CO.sub.2 transport at temperatures in the range of to C.

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Francis Yu Chang Huang; Vladimir I. Gorokhovsky; Kent E. Coulter