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Compressor Driveshaft Assembly and Compressor Including Same: 11,573,155


A compressor system includes a compressor housing and a driveshaft rotatably supported within the compressor hous­ing. The compressor system further includes an impeller that imparts kinetic energy to incoming refrigerant gas upon rotation of the driveshaft, a thrust disk coupled to the driveshaft, and a bearing assembly mounted to the compres­sor housing. The impeller includes an impeller bore having an inner surface, and the thrust disk includes an outer disk and a hub. The bearing assembly rotatably supports the outer disk of the thrust disk. The hub is disposed within the impeller bore, and includes a hub outer surface in contact with the inner surface of the impeller bore. A first contact force between the hub outer surface and the inner surface of the impeller bore increases with increased rotational speed of the driveshaft.

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Jason Wilkes; Zheji Liu