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Hydraulic Lash Assembly and Valvetrain Implementing Same: 11,536,165


A hydraulic lash assembly (HLA) for use in a valvetrain. The HLA preferably includes a first arm configured to transition a valve between a closed orientation and an open orientation. The first arm can include an engagement surface to receive a driving force from a timing member and to cause the valve to transition to the open orientation for a predetermined period. The HLA further preferably includes a second arm to receive a holding force from an actuator and a pivot section to couple to the first arm and displace the first arm based on the holding force from the actuator. Preferably, the first arm and the second arm form a lever arrangement whereby the pivot section of the second arm underlies and supports the first arm and allows for rotational movement of the first arm that is independent from the second arm.

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Anthony Perkins; Riccardo Meldolesi; Clive Lacy; Dustin Kramer