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Magnetostrictive Testing with Wireless Transmitter(s) and Remote Receiver(s): 11,346,809


A method of magnetostrictive (MS) guided wave testing of a ferromagnetic structure. One or more MS transmitters, each configured as a patch of ferromagnetic material, are acoustically coupled to the structure. Each MS transmitter is magnetized to produce a bias magnetic field in the patch. One or more MS receivers are acoustically coupled to the structure in a location remote from the MS transmitter(s). An alternating current (AC) is applied to the structure, thereby producing time-varying magnetic fields and MS vibrations in the MS transmitter(s) resulting in guided waves in the structure. MS response signals are received at the MS receiver(s), indicating whether the structure has any anomalies.

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Sergey A. Vinogradov; Jonathan Bartlett; Clinton Thwing