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Method and Apparatus for Lining a Conduit: 7,025,580


Method and apparatus for installing a liner material into a host conduit such as, e.g., a sewer pipe, hydrocarbon pipeline, gas line, water line, industrial chemical pipe, or a saltwater line. The liner material may include a compression liner and/or a preliner that is attached to the inner wall of the host conduit to repair or reinforce the host conduit or separate the host conduit from materials transported within the new liner formed from the liner material. Curable resin, slurry, or cement can be placed between the liner material and the host conduit to affix the liner material into place. Before and during curing, a fluid such as air or water can be used to inflate the compression liner outwardly toward the host

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Richard T. Heagy; Cynthia D. Heagy; Tom R. Menger; John Simonis