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Method for Automatic Differentiation of Weld Signals from Defect Signals in Long-Range Guided-Wave Inspection Using Phase Comparison: 7,565,252


A method and associated algorithms for identifying and distinguishing geometric feature signals from defect signals in the NDE of longitudinal structures. The method includes the steps of collecting an interrogation signal (including reflected components) from a longitudinal structure under evaluation and comparing it with a selected reference signal from a known geometric feature maintained in a database. The comparison involves a determination of the signals phase. Same phase signals identify the source as a geometric feature, while opposite phase signals identify the source as a defect. The comparison involves the steps of gating each of the signals and creating an array of correlation values between points on each. The correlation values are analyzed and a determination (based on comparing maximum and minimum correlation values) is made of the signal phases. A reliability factor may be determined by comparison of the correlation values and the maximum and minimum thereof.

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Sang Young Kim; Hegeon Kwun