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Network Routing Overlay: 9,560,174


The present disclosure relates to a network routing overlay (NRO) system. The NRO system includes an NRO master that includes an NRO master module and a master network interface. The NRO system further includes a first plurality of NRO remote systems (RSs). Each NRO RS includes an NRO RS module, an internal network interface and an external network interface. The external network interface is related to an NRO interface. Each NRO RS is coupled to the NRO master by a respective data channel and a respective control channel. A first NRO RS is configured to receive a network frame from an end system coupled to the first NRO RS via a first NRO interface. A first NRO RS module is configured to generate an NRO message and to write the NRO message to a first data channel. The NRO message includes an NRO prefix and the received network frame. The NRO prefix includes a length and a frame identifier (ID). The first data channel is configured to carry an NRO frame that includes one or more NRO message(s). The NRO master module is configured to extract the network frame based, at least in part, on the length and frame ID. 

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Todd A. Newton; Ben A. Abbott; Myron L. Moodie