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SwRI launches the Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit Nov. 13-17

April 19, 2023 — Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will host the inaugural Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit (GDMS) on Nov. 13-17. The multi-day summit will bring together key stakeholders in the transportation industry to discuss technology challenges associated with sustainable decarbonized mobility solutions for on-and-off-road applications.

The GDMS will assemble industry members from SwRI’s many automotive-related consortia and joint industry projects at its San Antonio headquarters. Throughout the summit, SwRI staff experts will hold sessions on the latest research and development advancements, pathways for lowering emissions through decarbonization, and how the industry can meet the latest technology challenges associated with lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit aims to highlight a wide range of innovative research, developments and demonstrations of solutions currently happening in this space,” said Chris Bitsis, manager of the Institute’s Commercial Vehicles R&D Team. “The Institute has a long history of guiding collaborative programs that help clients pool resources and funding, enabling SwRI’s next-generation research to reduce or eliminate emissions.”

SwRI currently has nearly a dozen consortia programs that address various aspects of future mobility. The Institute possesses over 50 years of experience working with regulatory agencies to address ongoing emissions challenges and ensure new developments meet regulatory standards, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recently proposed Phase III Greenhouse Gas Rules and the California Air Resources Board’s NOX regulations for 2027.

The summit will begin with regular project status meetings for consortia members. On Nov. 14, GDMS will open the summit to non-consortia members from automotive, transportation, manufacturing and other mobility sectors to learn about innovative decarbonization technologies. Programming will include expert-led sessions regarding SwRI internal research on the future of mobility as well as tours of the campus and a local automotive plant.

The ninth phase of the Clean Highly Efficient Decarbonized Engines (CHEDE-9) Consortium will kick off on Nov. 15, celebrating over three decades as the industry’s longest-running advanced engine research consortium. CHEDE-9’s launch will provide an opportunity for the industry to learn about the latest engine decarbonization technologies for mobility and transportation.  

The summit will also feature the second annual Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium on Nov. 16-17. This unique, two-day event will highlight academic, industry and institutional research efforts to characterize total emissions produced during the entire life cycle of a vehicle, including its manufacture, service life and recycling or disposal.

“The Global Decarbonized Mobility summit is framed around SwRI’s consortia programs, but it provides an opportunity for all industry professionals to gain an understanding of the innovation happening in the transportation sector,” said Dr. Graham Conway, SwRI staff engineer.

The Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit is open to industry professionals and members of SwRI consortia and JIPs. For more information about the GDMS, contact Chris Bitsis. Contact Graham Conway to inquire about speaking at the Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium. Registration details will be announced later this summer.

For more information, visit Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit, watch an event video or contact Jesús Chávez at +1 210 522 2258, Communications Department, Southwest Research Institute, 6220 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78238-5166.