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Process Chemistry Laboratories

Our Process Chemistry Laboratories focus on the analytical support of petrochemical and renewable energy process research projects that range in size from bench-scale to pilot-scale. The work also includes testing and performance of laboratory developmental and experimental processes, utilization of specialized equipment, and fabrication of sophisticated, custom sampling systems.

The laboratory’s core strengths are the abilities of its chemists and highly trained technicians to perform both applied research in the development of innovative analytical methods and routine analytical services. Many of these are done in broad areas and with high precision and automation.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Expertise

Process Chemistry Laboratory Technical Strengths

  • Biodegradation studies for lubricants and biofuels (ASTM 5864, OECD 301-B)
  • Simulated distillation studies for fuels, blends, and starting feed materials (ASTM D2887 and D7169)
  • Unique sample/analytical system designs for continuous experiments including pilot plants
  • Specialization in staffing, safety and training for 24/7 project work
  • Unique collection systems for analytical and process data acquisition
  • Specialized biofuel, asphaltenes, and fuel impurities studies