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Corrosion Monitoring & Sensor Solutions

We develop corrosion monitoring tools, devices and expertise to monitor the integrity of engineering structures and systems and solve industrial corrosion problems. Solutions include a patented multi-electrode array sensor and devices that monitors corrosion, wetness, coating degradation and corrosion damage. Our sensor technology can conduct corrosion rate measurements and evaluations in the field or in a laboratory.

Corrosion/Wetness Sensor

  • Thin film design with multiple substrates and materials
  • Can be used to evaluate environment corrosivity

Coating Degradation Sensor (CDS)

  • U.S. Patent No. 6,911,828
  • Differences in coating performance detected
  • Coating defects such as fisheyes or mechanical damage are also detected
  • Sensor is embedded and can detect changes prior to onset of corrosion

Multi-electrode Array Sensor (MAS™)

  • U.S. Patent No. 6,683,463 and U.S. Patent No. 6,987,396
  • Near real time measurement of uniform and localized corrosion rate
  • Detection in a wide variety of environments (under salt films, high resistivity environments, under bio-films, in the atmosphere)

Corrosion Damage Sensor

  • Measures the amount of corrosion damage accumulated
  • Multiple element sensor can be used to acquire data on multiple materials

The sensor devices have been incorporated into several field deployable configurations for corrosion rate measurements and evaluations. These sensors have also been grouped with other commercial off-the-shelf sensor technologies such as relative humidity and temperature sensors. A suite of sensors integrated onto a small battery-powered data acquisition system provides a versatile platform for many applications.