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Structural Dynamics Testing & Evaluation

SwRI offers research, development, analysis, and testing services to help clients ensure functionality, structural integrity, and environmental compatibility of systems and components subject to adverse dynamic operating environments. Our work supports the transportation, aerospace, and electronics industries and other clients.

Services & Capabilities

  • Vibration, shock, and earthquake testing
  • Seismic testing for OSHPD approval
  • Nuclear component qualification testing
  • Aircraft component testing
  • FAA certification
  • Hazardous material testing

Very Light Jet Structural Analysis

SwRI has conducted structural analysis of aging military aircraft for more than 25 years. Our facilities include full-scale static and fatigue certification evaluation of commercial aircraft designs for very light jets. Engineers perform Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design certification evaluations for this new class of jet, and we will continue fatigue evaluations.

Analytical & Testing Procedures

SwRI has developed experience using both analytical and testing procedures to assess the performance of products under these dynamic environments. The testing experience has allowed us to ground our analytical techniques to develop validated models. This also allows SwRI to propose modifications and test them using the models that have a high level of confidence of improved performance. The analytical process has taught us where to place sensors to get good data during testing and what types of testing will expose weakness. Additional capabilities include:

Dynamic Modeling

  • Structural dynamic finite element modeling and simulations of vehicle platforms, civil structures, machines, and process equipment responses to shock and vibration during operation, accident, and natural catastrophes
  • Assessment of component or system structural integrity as affected by dynamic loading
  • Validation of analysis scenarios from test data

Dynamic Testing

  • Simulation of in-service vibration and shock loading
  • Multiaxial or uniaxial dynamic loading
  • Shock testing using shakers, free-fall shock simulation, controlled impacts with programmers, crash testing, and simulated explosive loading
  • Seismic simulations using shock response spectrum or specified time histories
  • Unique instrumentation development for nonstandard experimental applications

System Response Measurement

  • System dynamic response
  • Structural impedance
  • Component coupling characterization
  • Development of elevated response spectra
  • Failure mode identification
  • Support for isolation of shock environment
  • Data acquisition and advanced signal-processing techniques