Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Transition Capabilities

To help you transition from research and development (R&D) and design to production, the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Production and Operations Department's production team is available to provide the following services:

Design-to-Production Transition

  • Manufacturability
  • Material and supplier selections
  • Test methods


  • Complex electronic assemblies
  • Printed circuit board assemblies
  • Radiofrequency (RF) cables, wire harnesses and discrete wiring
  • Painting and coating

Evaluation Capabilities

  • Thermal, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radiofrequency interference (RFI), vibration, and shock

Management Resources

  • State-of-the-art CAD modeling and drawing system
  • Production control and planning
  • Logistics and life cycle management

Field Services

  • Installation
  • On-site repairs
  • Upgrades