Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Aerospace Engineer 2

Aerospace Electronics and Information Technology Division


Task Description:  Individuals assigned are recognized as a vital technical resource, having established a reputation for scientific excellence at the Institute and to some extent in the external community. Individuals manage projects, programs and staff members in the pursuit of technical and financial objectives. Individuals assigned in this position:

Accomplish advanced scientific and engineering work within technical area of expertise and discipline.
Are recognized as highly qualified in a research specialty and possess a similar reputation with clients and the professional community.
Develop collaborative efforts in research and development across division and company lines.
Take the lead in the promotion of new projects and programs while advancing technology.
Oversee the preparation, presentation, and follow-up of major proposals and/or program results that normally require a high degree of creativity and technical organization.
Are recognized both internally and externally as an authority in a research specialty.
Receive invitations to participate in technical conferences and serve on national committees.
Manage Institute employee sections or large complex programs.

Qualifications:  Individuals have superb verbal, written and interpersonal communications skills and are successful in building a technical program and/or program group primarily in aerospace engineering. Individuals are a recognized critical resource and have established a reputation for technical excellence which extends into the professional community. Technical areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, avionics, aircraft systems, unmanned aircraft, propulsion control and monitoring, electronic warfare, and instrumentation and test systems. Individuals typically have an advanced degree and 15 to 25 years of technical experience that assists in providing self-initiated, consultative services. Individuals provide guidance to senior level management in technical direction and staff development.