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Biological Encapsulation & Nanomedicine

We have developed the technology to encapsulate biological matters at multiple scales (5 nm to 10 mm), including proteins, enzymes, antigens, growth factors, DNA/RNA, mammal cells, stem cells, virus, spore, fungi, bacteria, Oocyst and more. Example applications includes: pancreatic islets encapsulation for diabetes, protective bacteria encapsulation for enteric delivery, virus/antigen encapsulation for (nano) vaccine, nano encapsulation of human (stem) cells for targeted cell therapy, tissue engineering and regeneration, nano encapsulation of subunit peptides using liposome as intranasal flu vaccine and chlamydia vaccine, nano encapsulation of protein-based therapeutics for traumatic brain injury, acute lung injury and muscle injury. We also develop targeted formulation for specific cells, tissues, organs and systems. Examples include macrophage-targeting nanoparticles, bone-targeting nanoparticles, brain-targeting nanoparticles, dermal or transdermal topical flexible liposomes, cancer-targeting nanoparticles, inflammation-targeting stem cell extracellular vesicles and more.