Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Blast Containment Design

Our staff can solve a containment problem from conceptual design through fabrication, proof testing, and installation.

Blast Containment Design Capabilities

  • Blast-resistant design
  • Explosives testing
  • High-speed recording
  • High-speed photography
  • Design-build capability
  • Dynamic finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Hydrocode analysis

Blast Containment Design Experience

  • Design, fabrication, and testing of portable demilitarization container
  • Design, fabrication, and testing of 22-lb high-explosives (HE) test chamber
  • Chamber life extension studies
  • Containment design for melt-pour HE production facilities
  • Development of tank optical wire-guided missile shields for Bradley fighting vehicle

Blast Containment Design Facilities

  • Ballistics and Explosives Test Range
  • Remote test sites
  • Testing up to 1,000 lbs HE