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Chemist & Chemical Engineering Support 2

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Division


Labor Category Description:  Individuals assigned at these non-exempt positions provide support to the skilled senior technical staff. Using developed skills and practical knowledge. The technician is expected to do assigned tasks in the laboratory and/or testing environment under supervision. Individuals assigned in this position:

  • Set up experimental apparatus following written or verbal instructions.
  • Prepare samples, specimens, prototype instruments, and/or test materials following defined procedures.
  • Conduct, observe, and document standardized test and analyses data following established protocols.
  • Conduct routine maintenance on equipment.
  • Maintain and order required materials.

Qualifications:  This position requires a High School diploma or equivalent education, an Associate's degree, trade school education, or continuing education, and one year of relevant experience as a minimum. Individuals have basic knowledge of tasks associated with the technical area of work with skills in the application of mathematical functions, the use of PC software and hands-on craft abilities. Individuals are able to read schematics, drawings, sketches, and technical instructions of testing protocols primarily in chemistry, fire technology, and chemical engineering and have built a program or direct multiple program activities in a wide technical field. Technical areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, design, integration, evaluation, instrumentation, method development, research development, and testing.