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Energy Storage Systems

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A variety of energy storage systems can be used to help improve power system reliability by balancing utility grids and electricity distribution or smoothing the integration of renewable energy from sun, wind and hydro power. Energy storage systems may include lithium-ion battery banks used with photovoltaic solar arrays, tanks of molten salt that store heat from concentrating solar (CSP), or pumped storage hydropower systems (PSH) used in conjunction with wind and solar photovoltaic farms.

Energy Storage Systems Research

Southwest Research Institute provides energy storage solutions for the automotive, utilities and power generation industries with science and engineering services ranging from materials engineering and battery testing to site evaluation, feasibility studies, preliminary design, systems integration and software development.

Battery Energy Storage

SwRI’s Energy Storage Technology Center provides the automotive and power generation industries with science and engineering expertise to research, develop and evaluate batteries, battery chemistries, battery cells and battery packs used in EVs and grid storage applications.

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Energy Storage System Development
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Energy Storage Technology Center

Compressed Air Energy Storage

SwRI develops solutions for novel energy storage systems, including flywheels and compressed air storage. Our work includes a patented apparatus for use in compressed air energy storage.

Pumped Storage Hydropower

This technology entails pumping water from a lower elevation to a higher elevation when there is surplus renewable energy, then releasing water from higher elevations to generate electricity when demand increases. Download our white paper on “Optimizing West Texas Wind & Solar Energy Generation Using Closed-Loop Pumped Storage Hydropower.”

Thermal Energy Storage

CSP systems convert solar energy into heat that generates steam to power electricity-generating turbines. SwRI’s chemical engineers have developed thermal energy storage applications using novel encapsulation formulation of molten salt capsules.

Grid Energy Storage Applications

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