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IEEE Aerospace Conference

Mar 02, 2024 to Mar 09, 2024
Big Sky, MT, United States
IEEE Aerospace Conference

SwRI will be exhibiting at the IEEE Aerospace Conference.

Please join us for the following session which we are hosting:

“Innovative Software Engineering and Management Techniques and Practices,” Ronnie Killough

Practices followed during development and management of aerospace software systems vary across the industry. This divide seems to be growing as emerging markets, such as commercial space and cubesats, adopt techniques from other software domains while the traditional aerospace market works to tailor existing processes. Suggested topics covering both experience and research in software engineering and management techniques with both flight and ground system development such as: innovative software architectures, software management techniques and methods to measure software progress, effective review processes, COTS integration and code reuse strategies, new design methods, and unique approaches to software test and verification. Other software engineering topics will also be considered in this session.


For more information, please contact Richard Medina, Patrick Phelan, and Matthew Freeman.