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Intelligent Flow Loop Testing – The Difference Between Data Output and Data Quality

Mar 19, 2019
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Whether a flow loop is answering a simple question, such as the differential pressure across a restriction at various rates, or something more involved, such as quantifying the performance of multiphase separators, all flow loops output data. Not all flow loops are guaranteed to output quality data. Have you performed flow loop testing in the past? What steps did you take to ensure quality results? Up-to-date instrument calibrations are, of course, important. However, a calibrated instrument is merely the first step to ensuring that the instrument’s output is both meaningful and accurate for the purpose of the test. Instrument installation effects, location, interactions with the process flow, and proper calculations of indirect results are all important aspects to consider, along with any associated uncertainties. This webinar will cover a number of examples and insights into the proper planning and implementation of flow loop testing from the perspective of data quality. We’ll even provide some examples where instruments, such as flow meters, in non-standard conditions can still provide meaningful information from less than ideal outputs.

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Host: Seth Nelson

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