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Life Cycle Industry Days (LCID) & Wright Dialogue with Industry (WDI)

Jul 29, 2024 to Aug 02, 2024
Dayton, OH, United States
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SwRI will be exhibiting at the Life Cycle Industry Days (LCID) & Wright Dialogue with Industry (WDI), booth no. 317/319.

It’s hard to see the full picture when you have less than half of the relevant data. SPARTA is a unique advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) measurement and analysis software system that works in tandem with your existing equipment to identify and analyze 37 additional, previously unmeasured parameters. Our system more than doubles the standard measurement capacity and it is only one of the ways that SPARTA helps boost your program’s efficiency. Visit SwRI staff to see a demonstration of SPARTA and learn more about how this system can help increase aircrew survivability while keeping your program on budget and on schedule.

Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) is a premier independent, nonprofit research and development organization. We offer multidisciplinary services leveraging advanced science and applied technologies. Since 1947, we have provided solutions for some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems. These include solutions for AI/ML for DOD applications, avionics, EW, antennas, support equipment, human performance, modeling and simulation, and training spanning from DMSMS mitigation to funded research to develop new AI, receivers, and other new architectures. We are driven to find innovative, efficient, and effective solutions for you.

For more information, please contact Lauren Reinerman-Jones.