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Flow Coefficient Testing

A variety of tests for determining the flow capacity of valves and other flow-limiting devices is provided by SwRI. Both incompressible and compressible test media are available.

SwRI has extensive experience with the selection of proper flow and pressure instrumentation required for each test. SwRI can also provide custom-built test spools in order to meet the specification requirements.

Incompressible Test Media (Water)

  • Meter flows for low differential liquid testing up to 5,000 gpm
  • High accuracy differential pressure transmitters for low flow rates or smooth internal surface applications
  • Ability to test valve coefficients up to 3,500

Compressible Test Media (Nitrogen/Compressed Air)

  • Nitrogen tests are conducted at the Gas Blowdown Facility
  • Compressed air tests are performed in custom flow loops for low pressure (<250 psi) applications

Industry Standard and Custom Test Procedures

  • ANSI/ISA S75.02.01 Control Valve Capacity Test Procedures (most common)
  • ANSI ASHRAE Standard 158.1 Methods of Testing Capacity of Refrigerant Solenoid Valves
  • Custom test procedures can be accommodated

For more information about flow coefficient testing, please contact Angel Wileman at +1 210 522 2657.