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Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Drug Product Development


Our pharmaceutical formulation development synthesis technology strengths include contract formulation development for pharmaceuticals, along with expertise in a number of synthesis technologies, compounding, molecular imprinting and surface grafting.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Technical Strengths

  • Pre-formulation- formulation development for small and large molecules, controlled substances, potent compounds, and toxins
  • Oral, parenteral dosage forms
  • Scale-up and technology transfer
  • Microencapsulation – extrusion, fluidized bed, spray drying, liposomes, micelles
  • Milling (hammer mill, ball mill, jet mill, bead mill)
  • Granulation (fluidized bed coater, spray dryer, pan coater, extrusion)
  • Emulsion/Suspension (homogenizer, polymerization, pickering emulsion)
  • Specialized dosage forms (implantable delivery systems, sustained release, particle size reduction, protein conjugates and targeted delivery systems)
  • Particle engineering – granulation, emulsions, suspensions, electrospinning, core shell particles, polymerization, morphology design.
  • Engineering / consulting – custom equipment design and demonstration
  • Analytical methods development and validation/qualification

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